A family-based economic development company which is piloting an innovative model of investing in businesses emerging from partnering business incubators.

Sheila Bailey Limited is a small, family-based economic development company which is being designed to continue the work carried on for many years by me, Sheila Bailey with my family’s support.

Our directors, all women, include two of my daughters and one of my grand-daughters. Some years ago we established the Prya Foundation in memory of a much-loved grand-daughter, Prya and at that time (2005) the European Investment Fund was prepared to guarantee a Prya Bond issue. Our lawyers had established the Prya Foundation based in Gibraltar, and the UK Minister at that time stated that he could not ‘for diplomatic reasons’ recognise our work and his promised funding went elsewhere.

I continued my work and in 2017 when my husband, Neville, died he left a request that we establish a family company and The Dardanus Foundation to support Medical and Social Innovation. Some of his background (and mine) can be seen on the website of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.